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5 Feb 2015

Heat Lamp & Bulb – Special Offer Posed by: meriel. Category: Livestock Products.


Infrared Heaters (or to most of us Heat Lamps)!

A quick blog to let you know of our offer for Feb/March 2015.

We always needed to use these heat lamps at lambing time on the farm.  Very useful to keep wee lambs warm and cosy if they have been caught out in a snow shower or been born in a wet and cold part of the field.  For use also with poultry and pigs.

Heat Lamp – So we have a great deal on our heat lamp (32666UK) was £16.97 now £11.20… details below:

  • 2.5m rubber cord cable32666UK_72dpi
  • ventilation slits for optimal air circulation
  • adapted for infra-red bulbs up to maximum 250 W
  • aluminium protective cage with 21cm and galvanised grid
  • includes 2m long galvanised knotted link chain and ceiling hook (min 20kg lifting force)
  • TS/CE approved for more safety
  • spalsh-proof (IPX4) with safety insulation
  • silicon sealed holder E27


Infrared Blub – Even better we have the infrared heat bulb to go with it on offer too!  Heat bulb – 34145H – is on sale – Was £7.72 now £4.80!



This bulb – info:

  • a better heat transfer and can save up to 30% energy costs compared to normal bulbs
  • better longevitey as a good quality bulb
  • 50% more life than other infra-red bulbs = 7500 hours
  • suitable for all heat lamps/infra-red heaters
  • splash proof (IPX4)

Buy the bulb and heat lamp and save lots of cash.

Offer from 1st February til 31st March 2015 inclusive.

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