Electric Fencing

We have a wide and comprehensive range of electric fencing products.   With a few exceptions the entire range is manufactured by one manufacturer – Horizont Agrar.  Horizont Agrar have been a trusted and reliable manufacturer since the conception of electric fencing.

As a farmer, shepherd, smallholder or horse owner you need to know that your animals and/or crops are kept secure.  As a gardener you’ll be delighted to know that there is a way to prevent your garden from being invaded by cats or rabbits.  Or perhaps you need a solution to stop herons taking your prized fish from the pond?  For any number of problems we have the correct system to tackle the problem.

Our top sellers in this section include:

If you are not sure what the best solution or system is for you – contact us: info@lintonagricare.co.uk or call 01620 860058

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